Ontario’s most vulnerable students bear the brunt of Liberal education cuts: NDP

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With reports of students with special needs being kicked out of Ontario’s publicly-funded schools indefinitely, Children & Youth Services critic Monique Taylor (MPP for Hamilton Mountain) demanded the Liberal government finally come clean and admit their cuts to education are leaving our most vulnerable children behind.

“Underfunding special education resources to the point where students with unique needs are excluded from class is disgraceful,” said Taylor. “Accommodating students with special educational needs should be at the forefront of this government’s education plan—not an afterthought.”

NDP demands answers from health minister for northerners requiring urgent surgery

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Gilles Bisson, NDP House Leader and MPP for Timmins-James Bay, said Liberal cuts to healthcare is endangering the lives of Northerners by delaying surgeries.  Bisson demanded the Minister of Health take action for patients in Northern Ontario, like a man in his riding who wrote to the Minister of Health about his need for urgent heart surgery.

“I have a constituent in Moonbeam, Mr. Dana MacIntyre, who needs heart surgery as a result of a condition that he suffers. He gets referred to a hospital in Hamilton, he gets there at the end of January and the surgeon says, ‘You need to get in quickly.’ The problem is, he’s then told he has to wait at least six months because of cutbacks at the hospital; that it had to be done because of the reduction in budget when you flatlined it,” Bisson said.

“Why should this patient wait six months to get surgery for a life threatening condition? Is that a fair way to treat this man?”

Wynne’s ‘two Ontarios’ leaves families paying highest auto insurance rates while industry reaps historic profits: NDP

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Today in the legislature, Government & Consumer Services critic Jagmeet Singh (MPP Bramalea-Gore-Malton) blasted the Liberal government for breaking a 2013 promise to both the NDP and the people of Ontario to decrease auto insurance rates by 15%. 

“Premier, why should Ontarians expect the Liberal government to keep its promises when it continues to break them over and over again?” asked Singh. 

Premier Wynne recently dismissed her government’s broken promise to reduce rates by claiming the 15% pledge was always a “stretch goal.”  

NDP Statement on International Mother Language Day

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“This year’s theme for International Mother Language Day is ‘Quality education, language(s) of instruction and learning outcomes’. It emphasizes the importance of mother language for quality education and linguistic diversity and is in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


NDP demands Wynne government step up job creation

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Today, Taras Natyshak, MPP for Essex and the NDP’s Economic Development, Employment, and Infrastructure critic, called out the Wynne Liberals for failing to meet its 2015 job creation  targets, and demanded the government focus on helping Ontarians find good, stable jobs.

“This government speaks about economic growth, but it’s so out of touch with Ontarians that it doesn’t even realize that millions of people are getting left behind,” Natyshak said.  “This government failed to meet its job creation goals last year—not once, but twice. They failed to create more than 32,000 new jobs that they had forecasted in last year’s budget.”

For nearly two years, Windsor has remained among the top two cities with the highest unemployment rate in the country.  Windsor also has the highest youth unemployment rate in the country for the 5th straight month.

Statement by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath regarding Liberal government’s wine announcement

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“This morning’s wine announcement is déjà vu all over again. It’s another distraction from the Liberal government’s cuts to healthcare, dismal jobs record and Hydro One sell-off.

This is the exact same tactic the Liberal government used before last year’s budget to distract attention from the sale of Hydro One and freezing hospital budgets. With the 2016 budget on the horizon, they’re taking a page from the same playbook.  We can only imagine what other cuts are coming next week. 

Today’s announcement does nothing to help people who are struggling with longer wait times and cuts to healthcare.  It does nothing to help Ontarians who can’t find a good, stable job that they can build a future on. And it does nothing to help  people and businesses who can’t afford to pay their hydro bills.

To add insult to injury, the Premier’s plan once again makes those everyday things that matter to people, like having a glass of wine after a long day of work, or keeping the lights on, more expensive.”

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